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Hannah + Jacob | Cutest Couple Ever at Hidden Pines Chapel in Highland Village, TX

Have you ever been around someone who just automatically puts you in a great mood? Yeah, well times that feeling by 2 and you have Hannah & Jacob! :-)

Keeping the camera still from laughing so much was the only real challenge on this day. Between the bridesmaids tossing up and catching CHEEZ-ITS (Hannah's favorite) in their mouths to the Best man's spot on Donald Trump impersonation, it just made the day pure joy! :-)

"Gorgeous" and "Dapper" are two very commonly used descriptive words for brides and grooms. I prefer words like, "Beautiful, Bold, Majestic, Stunning, and Bearded" for this couple! JUST LOOK AT THAT SMILE AND THAT DRESS! :-)

Of course, the reception was fun overload where our very own bride, Hannah, got to be the DJ and totally dropped the mic on a perfect wedding day! :-)

Congratulations to this happy couple, and I wish you both the very best life has to offer!

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